Teaching urban youth to become men in partnership with law enforcement through the principles of Leadership, Character, Integrity, Service, and Responsibility.  On this year 2 of the Summit Baltimore youth again with Baltimore police officers came together to address community change - away from their city environment - to learn from one another in the mountains of Pennsylvania. The weekend resumed a four year commitment to embrace these values. Lives were impacted. Relationships were built. Solutions for long-term community health were set in motion! Please enjoy the video below and be inspired!  

To learn more and visit the full website, AGN please visit: agoodnamewins.org


A Good Name Project was built on the values addressed in the Public Service Announcement (PSA), "A GOOD NAME" , featured below, originally produced to challenge professional and collegiate football players to live with integrity and to value women that became the program's foundation. Since then, Steve Fitzhugh and HOPE+RESQ teamed up to address urban youth in conjunction with law enforcement as a solution for effective community change.