Teaching urban youth to become men in partnership with law enforcement through the principles of Leadership, Character, Integrity, Service, and Responsibility.  On this year 2 of the Summit Baltimore youth again with Baltimore police officers came together to address community change - away from their city environment - to learn from one another in the mountains of Pennsylvania. The weekend resumed a four year commitment to embrace these values. Lives were impacted. Relationships were built. Solutions for long-term community health were set in motion! Please enjoy the video below and be inspired!  

The Summit

2017 Year II

A Good Name Project


Collaboration Partners: Got Gifts Outreach / NASRO / Baltimore RavensBaltimore Police / HOPE+RESQ / Covenant Village

Why The Summit

Perhaps the greatest domestic tension in America is that which exists between the urban teen males and law enforcement. Friction between these two factions has erupted in violence, protests, outrage, misunderstanding, abuse, anger, and even death. The Summit creatively addresses this emotional hotbed by bringing these two entities together in a remote outdoors environment. The program emphasizes two outcomes. The first emphasis is to empower each individual participant to become the best version of themselves that they can possibly be. This is accomplished by high-powered and engaging training by leading national youth communicators, using proven principles of leadership and learning. The second is to form teams composed of combinations of these two groups who will work together to reach a common goal in the spirit of sportsmanship, service, and recreation. In each successive year of the program, principles already learned will be reinforced and strategically built upon. The program will run four consecutive years with the student entering the process as a ninth grader and completing the final phase, Phase IV, his senior year.

  • During the first two years the curriculum will focus on principles of personal development.
  • In years three and four the curriculum will focus on community impact and the pursuit of purpose.
  • The result of this education and training will be the development of a sustainable “community of change” that will return to a community in dire need of young positive male leadership for change.

Below is a brief description of the inaugural Summit Leadership and Development academy set to host Baltimore City/County young males and their respective School Resource/Police Officers in 2016.

The goal is to go beyond the “band-aid” solutions and instead cultivate an ongoing systematic effort that will afford us the chance to build a sustainable community of young men within the community. This we believe will be a key component for the long-term change needed within Baltimore City and Baltimore County. From start to finish, ours is a 4-year leadership academy targeting 9th grade boys running in partnership with Baltimore police and school resource officers. This will be accomplished by:

The Summit - Leadership Academy

- The Summit is a weekend-long leadership event shared by high school young men beginning in the 9th grade and Baltimore City/County police and/or School Resource Officers. The weekend features five teams of eight (6 students/2 officers) who will experience three components of leadership development.

    A. Collaboration

Through a mini-work project each team must work together to accomplish a common goal. The completion of the mini-work project will promote teamwork, communication, critical thinking and problem solving, and professionalism. Work experiences are a critical component of preparing young men for the transition to adulthood.

    B. Education

This chosen venue for the motivation and the education needed for young men to excel is intentional. Covenant Village is a 2-hour drive from Baltimore. That’s 2-hours from the distractions of life, condemning voices, and toxic media messages.  Some of America’s most effective youth communicators will be on hand to capture the attention of the students. And likewise respected voices will be urging officers to be better men and public servants.

    C. Recreation

The five teams will engage in recreational and challenge course activities in an effort to make leadership principles life-changing and memorable. The sprawling Covenant Village 405 acre estate offers breathtaking vistas that when coupled with guided challenges makes recreation and learning fun for young and the young at heart.

    D. Assessment and Goals

Participants will have a guided opportunity for self assessment and goal setting. This exercise will afford both students and officers the exercise of identifying strengths, personal areas in need of improvement as well as helping to establish bookmarks to measure growth from year to year.


A Good Name Project was built on the values addressed in the Public Service Announcement (PSA), "A GOOD NAME" , featured below, originally produced to challenge professional and collegiate football players to live with integrity and to value women that became the program's foundation. Since then, Steve Fitzhugh and HOPE+RESQ teamed up to address urban youth in conjunction with law enforcement as a solution for effective community change.