2700-mile awareness bicycle ride across America for human trafficking

It began in a passionate conversation with triathlete, Luis Leonardo (also involved with #JustPlankIt). He expressed his desire to use his athletic abilities and desire to ride his one speed, fixed-gear bike across America to raise awareness of the problem of human trafficking.

Incorporating the theme of 27, the route was laid out for 2700-miles of biking and was anchored with seven major cities (see map below) in order gain larger audiences for awareness. Luis then rode 27 days between September 27th and October 27th.

Luis chose to ride alone and challenge himself by riding on a fixie (single fixed-gear bike) to identify with victims who often face their pain and isolation alone. The ride reached over 2 million people through television coverage, newspaper articles, radio interviews and social media. Luis also met with mayors, sheriffs, and the general public from city to city across America, spreading awareness and prevention messages concerning the dangers of the sex trade and other human trafficking .  

2700 map.png