Hope & Rescue Foundation Overview

Mission and Vision

The Sponsor is a nonprofit corporation, exempt from federal tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Hope & Rescue Foundation exists to inspire and unite people to champion justice and end slavery, by using their expertise in media, technology, and education. Their vision is that people will no longer tolerate slavery of any kind and be moved to eradicate it. Their tactics are focused on measurable awareness and prevention programs in order to break systemic oppression, poverty and pain that perpetuate the supply and demand of slavery.

MORE PEOPLE LIVE IN SLAVERY TODAY than at any other time in the history of the world. We are storytellers, artists, educators, musicians, writers, and filmmakers. We are people. And we believe that the 27 MILLION slaves in the world today are people too and together we can all make a difference to eradicate slavery in order to free our 27 million fellow human beings.

Hope & Rescue Foundation’s founder has twenty-plus years of international award-winning media production – producing and capturing images for print campaigns and television commercials on behalf of advertising agencies and Fortune 500 clients.

The passion of the Hope & Rescue Foundation is to give a voice to the less fortunate. A voice that expresses through the creative arts, through media-based educational and by collaborative efforts for the prevention of human trafficking.

Hope & Rescue Foundation is connecting awareness to creative solutions, especially those that are focused on eradicating the Supply and Demand of slavery. We do this by addressing root causes, such as safe keeping youth safe, helping men make better choices, and attacking poverty and lack of education. These are some key factors that have driven the rise of slavery, making it the world’s fasting growing illegal industry.  

The 27 in HOPE 27 represents the 27 million people who are in slavery globally, according to U.S. State Department estimates.